The Leica Society and GDPR

GDPR is an acronym for the General Data Protection Regulation which replaces the earlier law on data protection (the 1998 Data Protection Act). It comes into force on 25 May 2018.
The Leica Society GDPR Policy
1. Personal data - which includes any or all of the following: names and titles plus postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses - of members of the Society are collected and stored by the Membership Secretary, and may be shared with any or all of the elected officers of the Society, who are: The Chairman, the Treasurer and the Hon. General Secretary, plus other members of the committee when a need arises e.g. with regard to a member’s article in the magazine.
2. Members’ postal addresses are used to ensure delivery of the Society magazine, and this and other personal data - collected, stored and shared in the way described above - will be used to inform members of Society events, activities and other aspects of the functions of the Society, including the publication of names of contributors to the Society’s annual exhibition. Those members who belong to one or more of the Society’s portfolio circles will agree to sharing their contact details with other members of their circle(s) and with each of the circle secretaries.
1. This personal data will not be made available to any other person without the express and explicit permission of the member concerned.
2. Any member may have their personal data changed at their request made to the membership secretary.
3. Any member may have their personal data removed by application to the Society’s membership secretary, however this would mean that members requesting removal of their postal address would no longer receive the Society magazine without directly contacting the membership secretary on the occasion of the magazine’s publication.
4. The personal data of any member who subsequently leaves the Society – for any reason – will be removed from the list of such data.