Rolleiflex: 120 film = more megapixels? by William Fagan

18th December 2017
Rolleiflex: 120 film = more megapixels?
Posted on December 15, 2017 by William Fagan
Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that the picture of the tree above is square. The negative for the photo is, in fact, 6cm x 6cm on 120 film, Kodak Portra 160 to be precise. It was taken with my recently acquired Rolleiflex f/3.5 Planar E from 1956.
Regular readers will know that I am a collector of all things Leica. I have, however, started a smaller ‘side collection’ of significant cameras from the 20th Century, which made a large impact on the development of photography, both as a business and as a hobby. This smaller side collection does not exclude Leicas as they also made a significant contribution during the last century. The Rolleiflex is part of that collection and here are the current cameras in this grouping.

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