Internationally renowned travel, wildlife and adventure photographer John

26th February 2018
Internationally renowned travel, wildlife and adventure photographer John Beatty is headlining the Buxton Adventure Festival on Wednesday, 11th April, and I wanted to invite your members along to the event.

John will be sharing his most recent images and stories from across the world, including:

- the Hindu ceremony of Kumbh Mela set on the Ganges in Allahabad, a once every 12-year gathering of 30 million pilgrims
- grizzly bears, mountains and walruses of Alaska
- a flying adventure beneath Mt Everest
- eagle-hunters of Khazak Mongolia
- survival training in Scotland
- the volcanic wilderness of Danikil in Northern Ethiopia
- emperor penguins of Antarctica
- rafting the Colorado River of Grand Canyon
- and closer to home, images from his new book Kinder Scout. The Peoples Mountain.

John has adventured across 38 countries for the past 29 years, always returning with stories from a world few have encountered. He has enthralled audiences at international film festivals with his multimedia presentations, receiving accolades from the media, the public and from leading brands in the photographic industry.

If you would like to book tickets or for further information, please visit the Buxton Opera House website: