About the Leica Society, the Society is independent of the Leica company

The Leica Society is based in Britain, although the membership is drawn from many countries around the globe.

The Society is independent of the Leica company and funds its activities from member subscriptions and advertising in the magazine by dealers and those valuable individuals who maintain and repair equipment. We also carry out small scale fundraising at our events, raffles, auctions of Leica and photographic equipment and sales of society items.

To join us, simply complete the application form available from the membership page and I can promise you a great deal of enjoyment, friendship and knowledge in return.

Any member who wishes to get involved in the support of the society, by joining the committee, writing articles for the magazine or this web-site, or in an informal way, should contact a member of the committee.

The Leica Society is a member club of the Midland Counties Photographic Federation (MCPF) and through this affiliated to the PAGB. As we do not hold regular meetings in the MCPF area the only restriction is that members who wish to enter MCPF competitions must live in the federation's area.

Society Officers
Hon. President David Suchet CBE
Chairman Brian Oliver
Vice-Chairman Dr Stanley Harris
Hon. General Secretary Tony Cole
Hon. Treasurer David Featherstone treasurer@theleicasociety.org.uk
Hon. Membership Secretary Geoff Hood LRPS geoffhood@tiscali.co.uk
Portfolio Secretary Malcolm Reed
Editor, Newsletter Phil Coomes BA(Hons)
Advertising Manager, Newsletter Don Jacklin
Public Relations Officer Takis E Astroulakis
Web-master David Featherstone treasurer@theleicasociety.org.uk