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The 2018 LHSA annual meeting will take place in Wetzlar, Germany, in October 2018
12th December 2017
The 2018 LHSA annual meeting will take place in Wetzlar, Germany in October 2018 the home of Leica AG. Preparations are already under way, and Leica AG and LHSA are collaborating to make this meeting an exciting and meaningful experience for Leica enthusiasts.
Please see full details under the 'EVENTS' heading.
'Amberlands': travels across Jordan by John Brockliss
10th December 2017
'Amberlands': travels across Jordan

I am delighted to announce the posting today of my new website gallery, 'Amberlands'. This new collection of original photographs was taken during my travels across Jordan earlier this year.

South to the Red Sea, east across the haunting desert sands of Wadi Rum, north west exploring the astonishing lost city and tombs of Petra then driving Highway 40 into the arid wastelands towards the eastern borders with Iraq/Saudi and the ancient cities of Kerak and Roman Jerash.

To view the 'Amberlands' gallery click:

John Brockliss photographer

A new and updated edition of John Brockliss's second photo-documentary book 'Restless'
10th December 2017
A new and updated edition of John's second photo-documentary book 'Restless, from tempest to tranquility' including eight new marine landscape images is now published. The 250mm x 200mm format book features 84 pages of monochrome and full colour images taken over a five year period.

Capturing the ever-changing moods of our seas and shorelines, 'Restless' is available to preview in animated form and/or purchase by clicking the following link to John's publishers website:
MCPF Decmber Newsletter
02nd December 2017
MCPF December Newsletter.
If this link to the newsletter does not work then please go to the MCPF website and follow the links. You can also find previous editions on the website.
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30th November 2017
On January 6th the Smethwick International Exhibition opens its doors for a 9 day run. In addition to the 700+ prints that will be on view there are two major Projected Image shows. The Open sections have a music backing and as usual the show has been put together by John Holt ARPS, DPAGB an expert in AV. In contrast the Nature Images will be presented together with a live commentary by Barbara Lawton FRPS, DPAGB
The exhibition offers your members the opportunity to see really top class International Photography that should inspire their own work.

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Chasing “Les Feuilles Mortes” with a Leica M10
30th November 2017
Chasing “Les Feuilles Mortes” with a Leica M10
Posted on November 30, 2017 by William Fagan

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Leica Lens Compendium by Thorsten von Overgaard
07th November 2017
Leica Lens Compendium by Thorsten von Overgaard
"Complete guide to Leica lenses, serial numbers, production years, etc"

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New Members Log In Page
31st October 2017
New Members Log In Page
I am working on setting up a Members Log In Page that will enable Members to read and download all the Society's Newsletters / Magazines in PDF format.
This page is under construction so will not be available to Members at present.
A Tale of Two Leicas by William Fagan
30th October 2017
A Tale of Two Leicas: Oldest of times, newest of times
by William Fagan
The camera shown is a very early Leica I Model A from 1926 with a four-digit serial number. It has the earliest version of the famous Elmar lens, which, apart from the name, looks almost identical to the previous Elmax lens.

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Going to Chicago, missing New Orleans, avoiding some hurricanes by William Fagan
25th October 2017
Last year I joined the Leica Historical Society of America (LHSA), now also known as The International Leica Society. I have had three articles published in the Society’s magazine, Viewfinder, based upon articles originally published on Macfilos. I decided earlier this year to attend the LHSA’s annual meeting in Chicago, on October 6-7, with my wife Laura. After I had booked for the event I was asked to present my images from Greece and Syria which were previously published in Macfilos here and here which I was delighted to do.

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Thorsten von Overgaard short documentary “A Life with Leica”:- 
13th October 2017
This link will allow you to watch Thorstens’ short documentary “A Life with Leica”:- 
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Black&White Photographer of the Year 2018
29th August 2017
BlackWhite Photographer of the Year 2018
BlackWhite Photographer of the Year 2018 is open for submissions.
Win one of three fantastic Fujifilm cameras: an X-Pro2 plus three lenses, an X100F or an X-T20 plus lens.
BlackWhite Photography magazine, in association with Fujifilm, is excited to announce that the competition to find the BlackWhite Photographer of the Year 2018 is now open.
We are looking for the best in contemporary black & white photography. The competition is open to all and pictures can be taken on any kind of camera.
The winners will be chosen from three categories:

   The World of People (from formal portraits to street photography to photojournalism).
   The World Around Us (landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and wildlife)
   The Creative World (let your imagination roam, from still life to abstract, using old processes to smartphone filters, whatever you think fits).
The deadline for entries is Midnight 30th October 2017.
For full competition details see the website:
In the Pocket: Photography from World War One
19th August 2017
In the Pocket: Photography from World War One

In the Pocket: Photography from World War One
Posted on August 16, 2017 by William Fagan
Kodak is probably the most significant name in the history of photography and it was the company that was most responsible for popularising photography, not only with its film products but also with its various easy-to-use cameras for the mass market. At one stage, photography was even called ‘Kodakery’ by some. Now that I have a collection of most camera models made by Leica, I have turned my attention to significant cameras in the history of photography such as the Nikon F and various Kodak models, such as the Brownie and the Vest Pocket Kodak (VPK) shown below.

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Visit to Wetzlar October 2018, A Joint Venture with the LHSA.
24th July 2017
Visit to Wetzlar October 2018. A Joint Venture with the LHSA.

Below is an e-mail from Alan Weinschel of the LHSA.

If you are receiving this email, it means you are already on our mailing list for the exciting meeting we are planning for Wetzlar in October 2018.    
Leica AG has coordinated the dates with us so it is now easier to plan.
The meeting is scheduled for Thursday October 4 - Sunday October 8.  There will be a factory tour, meetings with Leica executives and local sightseeing,  This meeting will be limited to LHSA members and their guests, as well as members of some Leica groups outside the US.   It promises to be truly international and fun, with some dinners in the works too.  
Many of you have asked about hotel arrangements and at this time, all I can say is we are working on those.   The Wetzlarer Hof is not large enough to handle our group if all who have expressed interest come so we will also be looking at alternatives.  
Unless there are objections, we will also be circulating a list of those who have expressed interest and contact information, so as to facilitate travel in a group if that is desired.  If you do not want your contact information shared, please contact me as soon as possible.
More detail on programming will be released in the coming months and there will also be a Wetzlar planning session at the Chicago meeting this October, so that both programming and sightseeing ideas can be exchanged.
If your plans have changed and you no longer wish to receive these updates, please send an email to me.
I look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming meetings — or in Wetzlar.
Alan Weinschel
Vice President, LHSA - The International Leica Society

Further Information to Follow
19th July 2017
Be a part of the Leica culture

Using available light to take the perfect portrait – Leica Akademie Workshop with Cat Garcia.

Leica Portraiture – Mastering Available Light with Cat Garcia
Discover your creativity with Cat as she helps you explore composition, depth of field, light, interaction with the subject, body language and expression.

Cat Garcia works across portrait, reportage and advertising photography, capturing people and places with a lightness of touch and sense of storytelling. Her work celebrates individuality and the simple, authentic beauty of her subjects.

On 12th August at Leica Store Mayfair, for more details visit the Leica Akademie website.
The new second-generation Leica TL2
10th July 2017

Minimalist design, intriguing qualities inside. The new, second-generation Leica TL2 sets standards and takes this camera class into an entirely new dimension.
Speed, picture quality, and ease of handling characterise its intrinsic values and make a statement, the likes of which has never been seen before.

The true arts of German engineering are brought together in a unique camera; the bodies of the Leica TL-Cameras are made entirely from aluminum, crafted from a single block of solid metal and polished by hand for 45 minutes. The result: precise and robust. The process: innovative and groundbreaking.  


Simply touch the screen to focus on your subject, and check and review your pictures with a swipe across the generously sized, 3.7" LCD touchscreen display that covers almost the entirety of the back of the camera. The menu of your camera can be configured to suit your personal preferences and needs.


Discover and experience true perfection in optical design with our range of leading lenses. Constructed with perfectly harmonized glass types - their inner mechanisms perfected down to the smallest details - our lenses offer a broad selection of focal lengths and speeds. Expand your creative horizons with lenses created by Leica.


The versatility of the Leica TL2 can be extended with our range of technical accessories such as powerful flash units and a high-resolution accessory viewfinder. Bright and colorful accessories add an additional aspect for users and highlight the self-assured character and design of this statement camera. 

The sheer joy of street photography in the heart of London 

"The Leica TL2 is a continuation of Leica's design legacy with a precision interface built to delight with every responsive touch. My favourite features are the ultra responsive touchscreen, the ability to personalise with the icons I need, and the signature Leica look from the 24MP sensor ." - Arteh Odjidja, Leica Akademie Tutor
Photos of Classic and Vintage Cars taken with Leica M10, WATE and 24mm Elmar
10th July 2017
Photos of Classic and Vintage Cars taken with Leica M10, WATE and 24mm Elmar

Click here to see images
Leica Masterclass – A Personal Vision: Space, Lights, Colours and People with Fulvio Bulgani
13th June 2017
Leica Masterclass – A Personal Vision: Space, Lights, Colours and People with Fulvio Bulgani
Discover your creativity with award-winning photographer Fulvio Bulgani and Leica Akademie UK on this two-day Masterclass at Leica Store City.

A freelance professional photographer for over 20 years, Fulvio’s work has been published in international magazines and websites like TIME and LFI. He has several ongoing photographic projects in Cuba, Kenya, Indonesia, Turkey and Georgia and combines a hugely successful commercial career and collaborations with NGOs such as Amnesty International and Médecins Sans Frontières.

The interplay of colour and light is a main feature of Fulvio’s long-term Cuban project and this masterclass will focus on his personal approach to reality, use of light and shadow and complexity of composition. There will also be practical photography demonstratrations and assignments, follow-up editing and analysis of the final images.

On 7th and 8th July 2017 at Leica Store City, for more details visit the Leica Akademie website.

Leica Masterclass – London Street Portraits with Niall McDiarmid
Discover the secrets behind authentic street portraits on this interactive one-day Masterclass with renowned Scottish photographer, Niall McDiarmid.

Since 2011, Niall has been travelling the length and breadth of the UK photographing the people he meets. With work in the National Portrait Gallery and the Sir Elton John Photography Collection, a large display of his portraits from across the capital will be shown at the Museum of London from May through till October 2017.

Niall will share his advice for approaching and photographing people in the street and will challenge you to take your own portraits out and about in the city before returning for a critique of the final images in the Leica studio.

On 15th July 2017 at Leica Store Mayfair, for more details visit the Leica Akademie website.
Grubb and Parsons: Optical and engineering giants
12th April 2017
Grubb and Parsons: Optical and engineering giants, by William Fagan

It was my recent acquisition of a Grubb lens made in Dublin around 1855, shown above, that led me to pen this article about two remarkable Irish and Anglo Irish families. In particular, this involves two father and son duos where the fathers were born in the same year (1800) and the sons both passed away in the same year (1931). 
The contributions of the Grubb and Parsons families in the fields of optics and astronomy are well known, but they also had achievements in other fields such as the consistent printing of bank notes and the creation of the steam turbine. The 19th century was truly a great time for inventors and creators and what we might call ‘renaissance men’ or ‘polymaths’ who could, seemingly, turn their hand to anything and succeed.

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