The Leica Society is an active and friendly club for users, collectors and enthusiasts of Leica camera systems from the earliest pre-war models through to the current digital cameras.

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21st August 2014
The next generation of the Leica rangefinder camera for professional photographers.
Photography stripped back to the essentials.
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20th August 2014
'Archipelago' is John Brockliss's new London exhibition and opens today.

The photographs document a journey through the Outer Hebrides including the remote islands and sea stacs of St Kilda. The wild and beautiful Hebridean islands off the west coast of Scotland remain forgotten to many and are all too seldom visited. The images tell a story of each human being’s desire for independence and survival and the limits of that desire.
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Leica UK announces M part exchange programme
19th August 2014
Leica UK announces M part exchange programme and an exciting addition to Leica Store Mayfair Customer Care,
• With this year marking 60 years of Leica M photography, Leica Camera UK is offering existing Leica M owners the opportunity to part-exchange their current M body for the latest Leica M (Type 240).
• Leica Store Mayfair's Customer Care department will now also offer in-house compact camera repairs, with a one-week turn around time.
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