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24th March 2015
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William Fagan article on his Fathers Baldina Camera
23rd February 2015
This is a link to an article which William Fagan has put on Mike Evan's (a fellow Circle D Member) excellent website. It does have a Leica context in that an article by Mike about a receipt for a Leica IIIc bought in 1952 reminded William of a similar receipt for a Super Baldina bought by his father in 1940. It was the use of a stamp to 'authenticate' the transaction that really drew his attention to this. This led to himy looking again at his fathers photos taken with the camera. The photos in the article capture a traditional way of life that has completely changed over the last 70 years. The photo of William as a young fellow is only there because what we call 'saving hay' is called 'hay making' in England. See Mike's explanation.
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